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What people have shared... 

"Having Christie help me declutter and pack for a big move was the best decision I ever made! She has the most gentle way of getting you to make a decision quickly without feeling pressured. She guided me in a way that felt comfortable without ever making me feel like I was making a wrong decision. She is amazing! And while being totally professional...she is a delight to have around. I cannot recommend her enough! She is the best at what she does." - Carolyn D.
"I had Christie come to my home yesterday and completely restore order to all my bedroom closets and drawers. She made the whole process unbelievably simple; she is a true expert at organizing. We also ended up with several bags of clothing to donate and removed an entire bag of garbage. If you have any hidey holes in your home that you dread opening, get in touch with this woman. She will fix you right up! I have seen her work her magic in kitchens, garages, bedrooms, closets... you name it. She is also good at redecorating your area using what is there, making it flow better and feel brighter! I love using her services… highly recommend. " - Christine S. 

"I just moved into a new apartment and I am a total pack rat. Christie helped me to release things that I was holding onto and eliminate unnecessary clutter. Now I feel completely relieved. My place is organized and I feel like I am finally at home." - Emily I. 

“Every space needs a Christie touch.” - Sanela S.

"I am a holistic health counselor with an office in my home. Christie came in and worked side by side with me to reorganize my home and my office. She helped me get rid of clutter, without getting rid of myself. My clients and I are very thankful." - Tara W.

"Thank you for your amazing work at my house. You have a knack for having even the most confused clients straighten up with ease. It is a gift and I am enjoying my home and excited for you to come back! I actually can't wait, so thanks for putting fun in the process and making me see how easy it can be!" - Janet L. 

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